Agricultural Equipment

Pederick Engineering manufactures agricultural machinery, silos, field bins, augers, 5-in-1 bins, fuel tankers, rakes, rollers, rippers, loader attachments, and fox traps. Pederick Engineering can also carry out repairs, or customise your equipment.

Product Summary & Links

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Fuel Tankers


Fuel Tankers Rakes
  • Off Road Mobile Diesel Tanker
  • On Road Mobile Diesel Tanker
  • Mine Site approved fuel trailer
  • Stick & Stone Rake
  • Premier Scrub Rake
  • Rock Chain Rake


Scoops & Rippers

Rollers Silt Scoops
  • Rock Roller
  • 1.0m³ to 2.0m³ Silt Scoop

Front End Loader Attachments

Fox Traps

Front end loaders Fox trap
  • Front End Loader attachments
  • Fox Trap, fully assembled


Field Bins

Silos Field Bins
  • 30 degree grain silos
  • 60 degree silos for pellets, mash or canola meal
  • Silos from 8 to 90 tonne capacity
  • 45 tonne capacity
  • 11 inch or 13 inch diameter auger


5 in 1 Bins

Augers 5-in-1 Bins
  • 50' augers
  • 9 inch or 10 inch diameter
  • 5-in-1 Bins
  • Grain Carting Bins

Stock Feeders

Poly Pipe Decoiler

Stock Feeders Poly Pipe Decoiler
  • Paddock Skid Mounted Cattle Feeder
  • Paddock Hay Feeders
  • Big Poly Pipe Decoiler
  • Heavy duty construction